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President Message

December 2, 2013
Presidents Message 2013

President’s Message

December 2013

The chapter is weak but still breathing; hopefully we will make it another year.

We just finished an event in Bend Oregon. Five members went for their ACF certification. Our chapter was represented by Patti Curfmann CEC CEPC ACE AAC. We were able due to her efforts; raise $200.00 for our chapter. Patti said she would submit an article detailing the practical test.

Patti also made us aware of the ACF Junior Competition to be held in Bend this December. Our chapter agreed to help the Bend committee with funds from our Julie Tummers’ Educational Fund. We sent $400.00 to assist them with the expenses that occur at these regional events (travel-lodging-meals-medals, etc.)

The Smudge Pot Stroll committee is now meeting monthly at Capers Restaurant. I shall post updates about the event as we progress. We were able to grant funds from our Kathy Knapp Chef and Child Fund and our Julie Tummers’ Education Fund from the money the chapter earned from the stroll. Those receiving benefits from our efforts last year were 4-H, North & South High Culinary Teams, North & South HS Bands, Medford Sparrow Club, and the Bend ACF Junior Regional Culinary Competition. Erol Kanmaz and his culinary students have already made a commitment to help with the event, hope to see others there also.

For those who don’t know I have been an avid collector of chef memorabilia for over 40 years and have over 400 different pieces in my collection. So I have decided to share these over the next issues of our newsletter.  I have over 60 “chef” salt & pepper shakers, the complete “Lladro” chef statues, Bosson’s chalk chefs, occupied Japan mechanical toy chefs , 1930 chef string dispenser, fourteen AAC chef plates as well as others. They all come with a story and journey. I plan on sharing photos of the items and how they were acquired. My journey takes me to England-China-New York and more.

Hope all are doing well and are in good health.

My best “Holiday Wishes” to you and your families as well.

President Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge and Skill

September 18, 2013
Presidents Message October 2013

Presidents Message /October 2013

Yes I know you haven’t heard from us for a while but things have been slow and its (I guess I should say it was!) summer time. I shall get you all up to date on what has happened to the present.

Our treasury met our bylaws but not by much. We are required to maintain a balance of $2000.00 and we have $2500.00. Close but at least we are incompliance. At this point our biggest issue is membership. We need to maintain at least 13 members. We seem to fluctuate between 11 to 13 members throughout the year. I guess what I am trying to say is join our chapter we could use you.

On that note we are a fun chapter and do a lot for our community. We were just featured in the National Culinary Review, the September 2013 issue for our accomplishments in April 2013.

Last Sunday we judged a “chopped: competition as part of the Sunday service at the Methodist Church. The sermon centered on just like in a mystery basket you don’t get to choose your neighbors so make the best of it. The winner of the “Chopped” competition donated the congregation’s offerings from that day to the church’s food bank. Janet Crager CEC AAC organized the event with her church and asked Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC, Leslie Bartyzal CSCE, Dennis Thompson and herself to judge. I just think she wanted to find a way to get Dennis into a church I think it has been 20 years. Very sneaky.

If you check out the National Culinary Review for September you will also see that Alan Anderson CEC ACE AAC was inducted in the American Academy of Chefs, the honor society for the American Culinary Federation! This occurred at the national convention in Las Vegas in July. When you check out our photo page it will feature this event.

Our tiny chapter now has 4 American Academy of Chefs members: Alan Anderson CEC,  ACE,  AAC,  Jesse Bartyzal  CEC, ACE, AAC, Janet Crager CEC AAC, Patti Curfman CEC, CEPC, ACE, AAC. I thank you all for your continual contributions to our profession.

On that note check out our web site and enjoy

President, Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion, Knowledge and Skill

June 7, 2013
Presidents Message June 2013

President’s Message June 2013

Not much to pass on this month but we did receive additional revenues from the Smudge Pot Stroll so we are able to meet our financial obligations.

We have an allotment of $200.00 each for North and South Medford High School culinary departments and also our local 4H culinarians. These funds are coming from our Julie Tummers’ scholarship fund. She would be proud of our accomplishments.

If you haven’t heard they (Alba Sister City Committee) is putting a permanent display of the history of the Medford Oregon/Alba Italy sister city connection.  A prominent chef in our community played a major role in the establishment of our sister city. She was even a member of our local ACF of Southern Oregon chapter. This was Julie Tummers, the Chef owner of the Mon Desir. She has passed on but her accomplishments will be on display at Medford International Airport.

The Alba Sister City Committee organized a “Taste of Alba” stroll in downtown Medford to generate revenue for their organization. As once quoted (the nicest compliment someone can give you is replicating one of your creations). Leslie, my wife and I attended the event. It was very successful. They served only Alba wines with Italian fare. This was their first year and hopefully this shall become an annual event. Maybe there will be some future opportunities for the ACF of SO.

Our treasury isn’t as strong as it has been in the past but we do have some seed money for other fund raising opportunities. Hopefully the economy well keep getting stronger so there is more opportunity for revenue producing events.  We have been a chapter since 1989. The past 6 years have been the most difficult revenue producing years. I do see some opportunities for next year.

 Dale Fowler CEC ACE has suggested we teach a culinary class on one Sunday per month at the Rogue Regency Inn. They have a kitchen that is available to teach these culinary classes. This kitchen can host 10 guests or students.  We will discuss this at our next board meeting and do some brain storming.

We all know the cost of going to an ACF National Convention and one our members is attending the convention this July in Las Vegas. He is also being inducted into the American Academy of Chefs, the Honor Society of the American Culinary Federation.  This is our friend and a true culinarian , Chef Alan Anderson CEC ACE.  Anyone who knows him knows his commitment to our organization and chapter for the past 25 years. The Julie Tummers’ Scholarship fund is also helping Alan with some of his expenses. He will also serve as my proxy at the general sessions. Congratulations Alan and our thanks.


President Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Jesse Bartyzal

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge and Skill



May 3, 2013
Presidents Message

Presidents Message May 2013

A little late but we have now completed the Smudge Pot Stroll 2013. It was a great event. We sold all 350 tickets and have already sold 100 tickets for stroll 2014! I think when we post the tickets for 2014 we will be sold out in 2 days. The food and beverage parings get better each year. Go to our tab news and information to see the results of the stroll -Best Taste, Best Paring, People’s Choice and the Overall Winner. There is also a testimonial sent to the chamber about the success of the event. There were a few testimonials but I only posted the one.

The tent was bombarded with 1800 guests on Friday and another 3200 on Saturday. Remember they pay $10.00 to get in the tent and one dollar for each taste ticket. We had many volunteers and the event was flawless.

We haven’t received all our allocated funds but we did receive our funds for the participating bands from the high schools. Our Julie Tummer’s Educational Fund presented $500.00 to the North and South High School Jazz Bands. We also allocated funds from our Chef& Child funds (Cathy Knapp Chef and Child) of $250.00 to each of the High School Sparrow Clubs.

When we receive our other allocations we plan on helping the culinary programs at North and South Medford High School and funds for the 4-H culinary programs. We also use this revenue to help chefs in our community for their continuing education. These funds come from our Julie Tummer’s Educational funds.

This is a great event for our community and it only gets better each year. Dinning Out Northwest (FSA) made it possible for the restaurant to participate by donating food and paper products, Harry & David paid for the tent, Mercedes Benz the, strobing wine glass.

If you go to our photo page you can see the bands, restaurants, and funds being presented to the music department.

I would just like to thank all those who made this such a successful event and can’t wait to work with you all next year.

Jesse Bartyzal CEC- ACE- AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge & Skill

March 28, 2013
Presidents Message April 2013

Presidents Message


April is here that was fast. This is a big month for our chapter. The Pear Blossom Festival and Smudge Pot Stroll happen on April 12 & 13. We met our goal and 350 tickets have been sold. Our Pear-a-Fare tent has 56 food and wine vendors and we (the ACFSO chapter) are hosting a food booth in front of the tent. Thanks to all those who came on board to help with our Chef & Child event.

We had a surprise Chef & Child event on March 22, 2013 hosted by Sodexo. It was called “Future Chef”. It was a culinary event for kids in grades 3-6. 55 recipes were submitted and 11 were chosen to compete. They were judged on Healthy Attribute, Ease of Preparation, Kid Friendly, Originality, Plate Presentation, and Taste. Everyone received a certification of participation. 1st 2nd and 3rd places received some nice awards and the 1st place winner will move up the competition ladder. Check out the photos. I was asked and really enjoyed judging this competition. All the kitchens, food and awards were supplied by Sodexo.  I was told this is national event and students try out in each state.

The ACF of SO has had great support from Dining out Northwest a project supported by Food Services of America. We have 17 restaurants on board for the Smudge Pot Stroll and all the food is being supplied by Food Services of America. They even located a few venders for our tent. The funds from this event go to 4-H Culinarians-North Medford High Culinarians and Band-South Medford High Culinarians and Band-Sparrows Club-Local Culinarians for continued education.

Hope to see a few of you at the event. Come by our booth say hi and have a Panama Dog, Cuban Chips, Homemade Soda and a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie(made by South and North High School Culinary classes). We have no cost at this booth due to the contributions made by Dining Out Northwest (Food Services of America).  They donated all the ingredients for the cookies, cheese, chips and tortillas . Falls Brands Meats and Sherm’s Thunderbird donated all the smoked sausage dogs and Kitchen Collection store in the Rogue Valley Mall donated all the soda steam machine and supplies.

 We culinarians and the ACFSO Thank you ALL.


Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge and Skill


March 6, 2013
President Message March

President’s  message

I have a lot to report!  A new chapter Vice President, South High School Culinary Team wins a trophy, the Pear-a-Fare Event and a new American Academy of Chefs member from our chapter. I am very excited about being your new president (again) and hope to meet your expectations

Your new Vice President is Erol Kanmaz CEC ACE. I do appreciate his acceptance of our offer. He is originally from Turkey we first met about 8 years ago. He joined our chapter once he heard we were in trouble with membership and may lose our charter. He will be a great addition to our board.

Our South High School Culinary Team brought home the “Best Overall Teamwork” trophy at the Pro Start competition in Portland on February 23, 2013. They have been practicing since October 2012. They are featured on the front page of our newsletter and there are photos of the event also so check it out. For those who don’t know we have a standing grant of $500.00 to the high schools from the profits we earn at the Pear-a-Fare Smudge Pot Stoll yearly. This is where some of our funds are utilized.

The Stroll is only weeks away and it is going very well. We had all the restaurants (17) signed up by the first week of February. We now have 12 wineries on board as well. Tickets went on sale March 1st (at Mercedes-Benz of Medford) and 200 have already sold. We are hoping the other 150 will be gone by the 15th of March. Our chapter is doing things a little different this year and is running a food booth on April 12th Saturday during the Pear Blossom Festival.  Our booth will be in front of the Pear-a-Fare tent. We were able to get 2 sponsors and expect more before the event. Falls Brand Meats has donated 250 of their smoked sausages and Kitchen Collections in the RV Mall has donated a Soda Stream machine and all the flavorings we need. The Culinary classes at the high schools are making 150 GIANT chocolate chip cookies. Our menu consists of Panama Dogs, Fresh Chips seasoned with a Brazilian spice blend, Chocolate Chip Cookie and your choice of a Berry Grapefruit or Vanilla Bean soda for $9.00 to the public and $8.00 to the venders/volunteers. You can also buy items a la carte. Our goal is to make $2000.00 in sales on Saturday.

Alan Anderson CEC ACE is soon to be an AAC (American Academy of Chefs). The chapter would like to congratulate him on his accomplishments. We would not be the chapter we are if it wasn’t for his participation in our chapter events over the course of twenty five years.

Hopefully at the end of the two day Pear-a-Fare event our chapter finances will be put in order. Our next fund raisers should be in September at The Taste of Harry and David, Oh by the way they are the sponsor for the Pear-A-Fare tent.

Our chapter could still use some volunteers to help us with the food booth/or supplies at the Pear-a-Fare booth. Every little bit helps! Remember the funds we raise are given to the culinary programs throughout the valley, 4-H cooking clubs and Sparrow Clubs and our Rogue Valley chefs who are in need of funds for certification or education. Please give me a call if you can help out with the event. 541.772.1990 or 541.821.1717


Thank you for your Support

Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievements trough Passion Knowledge and Skill

February 1, 2013
President Message 2013

ACFSO President’s Message

February 2013


First of all a belated “Happy New Year”!

The American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon dodges another bullet! Our chapter gives thanks to the generosity of the members of Northern Oregon for joining our chapter. We were four members short and would have lost our chapter status dating back to 1988. I personally feel that the ACF organization needs to look at restructuring the membership dues fees, making it financially available to all professionals.

We are a very active chapter and give our time to many local events and charities. Boys and Girls Club, Sparrow Clubs, 4-H, North Medford High, South Medford High, the list goes on and on. We have events already planned for 2013. In January we had an ACF practical test on the 22nd and a ServSafe class that afternoon at South Medford HS. In February we have 2 local high school teams in a ProStart competition in Portland.  I am the coach for one of them. In April we have our Smudge Pot Stroll and Trade Show as part of the Pear Blossom weekend. Then hopefully to Las Vegas to the National convention where we will see one of our own inducted into The American Academy of Chefs. (Alan Anderson CEC ACE).  We are hoping the Taste of Harry & David event in again happens in September in which we raise funds for the Sparrow Club.

 We had our elections and only one member signed up for President, (ME) Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC. We need to find a Vice President and I have someone in mind just need to contact this person and convince them!? Chairman of the Board is Janet Crager CEC AAC; Secretary is Leslie Bartyzal CSCE; Treasurer & Newsletter Chair is Jesse Bartyzal; and Chef & Child and Certification chair is Patti Curfman CEC CEPC ACE AAC.

Special congratulations to our own Chef Alan Anderson who received notice of his induction into the honored American Academy of Chefs. We and all who know Alan know he is very deserving of this achievement. Congrats Alan and thanks for all you do.

I have had a time with our newsletter as we had not updated in so long (16 years) that we had to get a new system up and running which it finally is after much stress, etc. on the front page you will notice that you need to sign up to receive future newsletters. We are hoping that this will help with our contacts and be easier and more current. So please follow the steps and sign up.


Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge and Skill

January 2, 2013

The American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon dodges another bullet! Our chapter gives thanks to the generosity of the members of Northern Oregon for joining our chapter. We were four members short and would have lost our chapter status dating back to 1988. I personally feel that national ACF needs to look at restructuring the membership dues fees, making it more financially available to all professionals.

We are a very active chapter and give our time to many local events and charities. Boys and Girls Club, Sparrows, 4-H, North Medford High, South Medford High, the list goes on and on. We have events already planned for this year 2013. In January we have an ACF practical test on January 22nd and a ServSafe class that afternoon at South Medford HS. In February we have 2 local high school teams in a ProStart competition in Portland.  I am the coach for one of them. In April we have our Smudge Pot Stroll and Trade Show. Then hopefully to Las Vegas to the National convention where we will see one of our own inducted into The American Academy of Chefs. (Alan Anderson CEC ACE).  We are hoping the Taste of Harry & David event in again happens in September in which we raise funds for the Sparrow Club.

 We had our elections and only one member signed up for President, (ME) Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC. We need to find a Vice President? Chairman of the Board is Janet Crager CEC AAC; Secretary is Leslie Bartyzal CSCE; Treasurer & Newsletter  Jesse Bartyzal; and Chef & Child and Certification chair is Pattie Curfman CEC CEPC ACE AAC.



Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge and Skill

September 29, 2012
October Update
Greetings all:
It's been quite a while since we've written a newsletter, and we have a lot to tell you! We had an amazing Labor Day weekend with several of our ACF Chefs, 8 Competing Chefs, a fabulous Mistress of Ceremonies - Chef Patricia Curfman CEC,CEPC,AAC, along with Jeff Meyer and all the wonderful staff at the Harry&David Country Store. We could not have accomplished our 2 day competition without the assistance of the Pear Blossom Committee - Terri Answorth & Darcy Mann-Self, with all your volunteers and family members, you were fantastic! We started out a week prior to the competition, with the competing chefs pulling bottles of wine from the country store. They were given the opportunity to select their ingredients to pair with the wine, to produce appetizers which would also compliment their wine. These were judged on Saturday morning before the event was open to the public. They were also judged on a " People's Choice" catagory. From this level of the competition, the following Restaurants were awarded * 1 st Place - Chef Matthew Griffin - Capers, * Second Place - Sous Chef Mike Hite - Elements, * People's Choice - Chef Jeff Swafford - Havana Republic. Congratulations for all those wonderful entries. About noon that same day, we held the" Chef's Chopped Competition". Those same 8 Chefs were given baskets of mystery ingredients and they cooked {2 Chefs at a time} for the appetizer round. At the end of each round, our judges were given one plate to consider, then the 3 other plates were auctioned off to the audience along with complementary wine from several of the local wineries. This part was a fund raiser for the Pear Blossom Committee as well as the ACF. We donate our money on culinary scholarships for local high school students, The Sparrow Club, and 4-H clubs. On Sunday, 4 Chefs advanced to the Entree Round with different Mystery Baskets. Again, they competed {2 Chefs at a time}and plates were judged, as well as being auctioned off. 2 Chefs advanced to the Final Dessert Round. Competing with their final Mystery Baskets were Chef Matthew Griffin from Caper's Restaurant and Sous Chef Mike Hite from Element's Tapas Restaurant. We were certainly surprised when it was announced that they had finished - Caper's 1st Place & Element's 2nd Place just like had done for the Perfect Pearing on Saturday! You both certainly gave your restaurants a lot of honor & pride! Our judges from Saturday - Chef Alan Anderson CEC ACE, Constance Jessup of The Jacksonville Merchantile, and yours truly- Chef Janet Crager CEC,|AAC enjoyed their part in this fun event! Our judges for the "Chopped Competition" were Chef Tim Keller from Harry & David, Chef Dale Fowler CEC,ACE, Chef Jesse Bartyzal CEC,ACE,AAC,and Leslie Bartyzal CSCE was our ever present Scorekeeper for the Judging. A very heart felt thanks from our Chapter - to all of you who made the event such a success! Quess what? we've already started our plans for April & The Pear Blossom !!!
Over this past year, our chapter has struggled to have enough dues paying members to remain as a "Chapter in Good Standing" and I'm very happy to report that we are at that level with ACF National. I want to recognize several members of our chapter who have helped us in this regard. We have a core group who are at every function and fund raisers - Thank you to Chefs Alan Anderson CEC,ACE, Jesse Bartyzal CEC,ACE,AAC, Dale Fowler CEC, ACE, Dennis Thompson, and Leslie Bartyzal CSCE. We have Chefs who are really our "out of town" members, who still call Southern Oregon their chapter- Thank you Chefs Robert Fleener of Etna, CA.& Jeremy Nowak CEC of Renton,WA. We have newly transferred members from Northern Oregon-Thank You Chefs Patti Curfman CEC,CEPC,AAC of Stayton, OR and Erol Kanmaz CEC,WWC of Welches,OR. We have some Chefs who are with us when their schedules permit - Thank you Paul Pitari CEC and Seth Snyder. We have some new names and faces in our crowd-Thank you Cynthia Williams and Emmalisa Dobson. And finally we have a Senior Chef member on our membership role- Thank you Chef Mary Hoke! As our culinary community grows throughout the valley, I sincerely hope to see more new faces among our constant and faithful members.
We are coming to the end of my 4 year term as your Chapter President. It has been an honor and a priviledge to serve you in this office. I do plan to stay active as your Chairman of the Board and be supportive of the new officers who will lead our chapter. We are rapidly approaching our 25th Year as The American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon! We have so many wonderful memories of which to be proud! Another door opens.....

Great Dishes, Fine Wine and Blessings for All -

Chef Janet R. Crager CEC, AAC.

October 4, 2011
Presidents Message Octobre

October 2011

President's Message

Greetings to all,


Now you really know that our wonderful summer is over when the rains show up! Busy last few months for me and a lot of you as well. I want to congratulate Chef Alan Anderson, CEC, ACE, for winning 1st Place in the World of Wine Competition in Jacksonville this summer, along with his talented culinary sidekick, Jesse Bartyzal CEC, ACE, AAC. I heard that Buffalo was on the menu, yum! Another competition in September was the Harry and David's Perfect Pearing Chef's Challenge. Several of our ACE Chefs were on the judging panel for the 3rd year. So nice to see a lot of talented chefs from our valley participating. Our good friend, Chef Tom Bates from the Bella Union, was in that event as well. Several members of the ACF have already been to the Pear Blossom Committee meetings. We certainly enjoy working with that organization for their April event. We're very pleased that they appreciate our involvement in that Fabulous Spring weekend.

Most of you know that we have ACF Social Meetings at various restaurants around the valley. I want to invite you to join us at Porter's next Tuesday, October 11 from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. We will have a special gift for Chef Jack Shaw. His home burned awhile ago. In the fire he lost the sash for his Chef of the Year Medal and his Chef of the Year Plaque. We have replaced them and it will be our distinct honor to present those to him for the 2nd time. I hope to see you all there.


Best wishes to all,


Chef Janet Crager, CEC, AAC.



August 1, 2011
Presidents Message August
Greetings Y'all-
Hard to come back from the ACF national conference in Dallas, Texas, and not have a little bit of a southwest drawl! I am so honored to be able to represent our Southern Oregon Chapter. To let the culinary community across our nation know that we have some awesome chefs, cooks, and culinary educators from our little corner of Oregon. My sweetheart, Dennis Thompson, of The Old Farmhouse Corp., was my handsome escort.
When you read Jesse Bartyzal's article this month about the American Academy of Chef's, you'll see what has been keeping us so busy over the past 23 year's with our chapter! As a recent inductee into the AAC, I'd like to thank both Chef Walter Bronowitz, CEC,CCE,AAC, and Chef Jesse Bartyzal CEC,ACE,AAC, who where responsible for nominating me for membership into the American Culinary Federation's National Honor Society. I had to list the past 20 years of my work with the ACF. From bringing in at least 10 new members into our chapter, to co-ordinating fund raising events for local charities [thank you Chef Alan Anderson,CEC,ACE], working on our cookbook [ thank you Leslie Bartyzal, CSCE] , the cooking shows with RVTV on the SOU campus [thank you Chef Marilyn Moore], attendance at National Conferences, and much more," everything" was documented into a binder for review by the National AAC Board. Waiting to get that final acceptance was difficult, but I was so happy to finally get that envelope with the AAC logo on it!
I was inducted July 23rd at the Gaylord Texan Resort, Dallas, Texas with only 19 other Chefs from all over the United States.As we were sworn in, I thought about all the other chef's who had done this before, and I was very humbled to be associated with them. We had a beautiful awards dinner the next night at The Hilton in Dallas.
I received my AAC medal, white roses, and a lot of congradulatory kisses from the AAC Board Members.As I was greeted by those Chefs, they told me, "welcome to the family". I felt like I had just run " The Race of My Life", and I had just crossed the finish line! When you are a Chef, you are always part of a family that exists in every kitchen. I want to say thank you to the rest of my ACF family, Dale Fowler,CEC,ACE, Jeremy Nowak,CEC, Paul Pitari,CEC, Angelie Pitari, Seth Snyder, Ralph Roberts, Ryan Davis, Miquel Barry, Pat Hamilton, Patti Fish, Kim McNamara, Eric Boyd, Tom Bates, Mary Hoke, Jack Shaw, Greg Parsley, Chris Barnes, Lee Eaton, John Williams, Denis Poletto, Charles Islander, LaDon Weston, Janice West, Emile & Karen Amaratico, Mario Chavez, James Smith, Tony Bernardi, Chris Welcome, Shawna Battaglia, Merrie Gaye, Chris Smallwood, Robert Fleener, Justin Summerhaze, Gunnar Johnson, Annie King, Patti Harbison, Alan Freeman, Richard Pool, Bobbie Bartyzal, Tisha Richmond , Steven Bunch, Calvin Watkins, Michael & Maryanne Abernathy, Joe Morgan, Brian & Christie McQuade, Phil George, Bruce Emerson, Danny Walters, Mark DeVincenzi, David Byers, Bill Pitari, Roy Fullerton, Bruce Dewhite, David Taub, Diane Menzie, Brad Toles, Bert Cutino,CEC,AAC,HOF,HBOT & the Monterey Bay Chapter who gave our chapter start up funds, Julie Tummers who gave us culinary inspiration, and a sweet rememberance to my special friends, LeRoy Selfours, Chef Thomas Roubal, and Chef Cathy Knapp who are always in all of our hearts and will never be forgotten.
When I think back to all of the food we have cooked, all the events we have held, and all those hungry customers we've fed, WOW - we all have accomplished so much..I want to share the credit for the AAC Induction with all of you. We all support, encourage, and inspire each other, Thank you - Our ACF Family.

As Always -
Chef Janet R. Crager CEC, AAC,

June 2, 2011
Presidents Message June 2011
Greetings to all,
   I'd like to put in an order for bright, warm, sunshine...please! I've  been advised that all those wonderful spring crops of fruits & veggies will be available later than usual because of our soggy weather. I thought we'd be slowing down for a while but the ACF is running full steam ahead with more projects for our members.
   Fountain Plaza held a fantastic Spring Ice Carving Competition.  Five local Chefs carved on Friday,
May 13th under tents, in front of their residents, staff, and guests.
  •  First Prize: Pat Hamilton - Ice Eagle, of The Red Lion
  •  Second Prize: Dale Fowler CEC, ACE, - Ice Swan, of The Rogue Regency
  •  Third Prize: Steve Bunch  - Ice Butterfly, of R.L.Schreiber, Inc. - Spice Company
  •  Also competing at this event - Alan Anderson CEC, ACE, of the Rogue Valley Manor and Sous Chef Tim of The Red Lion.
    "Taste of Klamath" is an event that our chapter is asked to judge at The Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, every May. Chef Dennis Thompson and I have gone over there the past 4 years. Dennis had to work on May 21st, so I took one of  my creative cooks from Grants Pass, OR., with me this year. Thank you so very much Becky Leal, you were awesome! With 40 entries to taste, we certainly had a lot of fun, and went home full of good food.Congratulations everyone!                 
  • Best Bite  - Tea Smoked Duck Salad from Tobiko Restaurant
  • Best Dessert - Guiness Cake w/ Whipped Irish Cream from Lello & Beef Restaurant
  • Best Beverage - Cabernet Savignon from 12 Wines Ranch

    All my best wishes to our 3 recent certification candidates who successfully passed their practicals.And a very special thank you to South Medford High School's Culinary Department and instructor, Tisha Richmond for the Practical Site, to our Practical Administrator - Leslie Bartyzal, CSCE, and to our ACE's - Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC., Alan Anderson CEC ACE and Dale Fowler CEC,ACE .Congratulations to these outstanding culinarians we are extremely proud of each one of you.
  • Ryan Davis for Certified Sous Chef  from The Rogue Regency
  • Valerie Walker for Certified Executive Pastry Chef  from The Peerless Restaurant
  • Joe Morgan  for Certified Executive Chef  from Porter's Dining at the Depot

    Don't forget to support one of our favorite purveyors - FSA - Food Services of America. Their Super  Spring  Food  Show at 7 Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR. is next week...June 7th.... Tuesday. They have a Medieval Theme this year...10AM - 4PM    Should be a lot of fun as usual!!
    I'm looking forward to an August ACF Social this summer. The date will be announced at a later time, however, we would like to meet at Porter's again. Hope we finally get that sunny, summer soon ........   All my Best for All of You...... Chef Janet R. Crager CEC

April 11, 2011
Presidents Message April
April President;s Message 2011

Greetings all...
   If you've had an opportunity to read Jesse Bartyzal's news article this month, you can see what a lot of us have been up to in April! Events like the Pear Blossom really give our chefs a fantastic chance to showcase their talents. For the first time, our ACF of So.OR logo was depicted in ice on the corner of Bartlett and Main Streets in downtown Medford. A tip of the toque goes out to Alan Anderson CEC, ACE, for his Ice Pears, to Pat Hamilton for his Ice Salmon, Jesse Bartyzal CEC, ACE, AAC, for his Ice Wine Goblet, and Dale Fowler CEC, ACE for his 2 piece Lifesize Ice Chef !Both the Rogue Regency and The Red Lion brought some of their supporting kitchen staff and a special thanks goes out to them as well. The Pear Blossom Committee has been such an enthusiastic group that has wholeheartedly stood behind our chapter to assist us in raising funds for our culinary scholarships. I also want to thank all of them as well.We are looking forward to more great things in 2012!
Next SOCIAL is at ROSSO.S  April 19 Tues 4:30-6:30 See you all there at 31 S. Grape St, Medford. They had some delicious entries in both the Dare to Pear and the Friday Night Stroll. I'm sure we'll have a memorable ACF Social ...Bring a culinary friend with you to share in all the fun! 

All the Best for All of You.....Chef Janet Crager CEC

January 8, 2011
Presidents Message 2011

President’s Message

January 2011


Happy New Year everyone, hope you are looking forward to a fantastic 2011! One of my favorite things to do every New Year is to hang a new calendar. What a great opportunity it is to turn a page, put the previous year in the past, and make new plans on a completely clean slate.

Many chefs and cooks in our valley are currently looking for work and I urge you all to invite your friends who are seeking employment to join us at our next ACF Social on January 17th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Porter’s as our guests. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other chefs. Many people have found new jobs just by connecting with ACF chefs at our meetings.

Our next project involves the Pear Blossom Festival this spring. We’ll be working with the “Dare to Pear” committee to travel to several “downtown restaurants” who will compete using “fresh local pears”. In addition to that we’ll participate in a Friday Nite event prior to Pear Blossom featuring fabulous food, elegant wines and some of our outstanding Ice Carvings. We will be setting up our plans for this event as well as a future South Medford High School Booster’s dinner and auction. Stay tuned.


Hope to see everyone at our social!

January 17, 2011 (Monday)

At Porter’s Restaurant

4:30 to 6:30 pm


We’ll all have a chance to fill in our new calendars for 2011!


Best Wishes to All

Chef Janet Crager CEC 

ACFSO Chapter President

December 7, 2010
President Message December

A.C.F. of S.O.

President’s Message

December 2010


Happy Holidays to All


I know everyone is extremely busy cooking for the holiday parties, banquets and special functions. Some of you are fortunate to cook for the Providence Hospital “Festival of Trees” event that always gets me  into the holiday spirit.

We took a family trip this past week over to the Oregon Coast. Shore Acres has a fantastic botanical gardens and estate grounds between Bandon and Coos Bay. Volunteers’ start in October stringing LED lights and they put up 300.000 lights for the public to enjoy from Thanksgiving till New Year’s. It’s a wonderful trip to make for families and to let them know how special they are. All those beautiful lights, created by the volunteers were and are appreciated by everyone.

In our profession throughout various food service positions, we should all be thankful to the many volunteers who help all of us. To all the students, teachers, cooks, chefs and purveyor’s who have donated products money and their time to our ACF events I want to say thank you and Happy Holidays to all of you and yours.


All Best Wishes


Chef Janet R Crager CEC


*Looking forward to celebrating 2011 and Martin Luther King Day at our January 17th Social at Porter’s on Front Street from 4:30pm -6:30pm. Please put it on your calendar as always 2 beverages and appetizers are hosted by our ACFSO chapter.