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October 26, 2008
Chefs Challenge Brosure

WELCOME to the American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon

2008 Chef Challenge!


About the American Culinary Federation: The ACF is the premier professional chef’s organization in North America. It was founded more than 75 years ago. Nearly 22,000 of the nation’s top chefs belong to the ACF, including some of the most respected international chefs. ACF is the only organization that certifies master chefs in the United States. There are approximately 238 chapters in all U.S. states (except North Dakota) as well as Bermuda, Caribbean and the national chapter. The ACF Culinary Team USA earned a Gold medal and first place in the hot food category at the 2004 Culinary Olympics. The team is competing this month in the 2008 Culinary Olympics in Germany. The ACF promotes the culinary profession by providing professional development, career building and networking opportunities to its members.


One of our local ACF chapter goals is to provide activities that benefit young children. Because of our chapter activities with local elementary and high schools the chapter received the ACF Regional Chef & Child “Little Oscar” award in 2004 and 2007.

Our chapter was founded in 1988 by Jim Botsford, Brad Toles and Jesse Bartyzal. Some of the first members were David Taub, Bruce Dewhite, Cathy Knapp, Pat Hamilton, Janet Crager, Lee Eaton, Denis Poletto and John Williams. We have grown to over 45 members.

Our present officers are:

President - Alan Anderson CEC ACE                    Vice-President – Chris Barnes CSC

Secretary – Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC           Treasurer – Janet Crager CEC

                          Newsletter Editor – Leslie Bartyzal CSCE

The dedication of our chef members have resulted in 3 members receiving the ACF National Presidential Medallions, these chefs are: Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC,

Leslie Bartyzal CSCE, and Janet Crager CEC.

Our chapter has been involved in certifying chefs through the administering of the ACF Practical testing. Our chapter is one of the first in the nation to begin this process. Our chapter also has 3 Approved Culinary Examiners (ACE): Alan Anderson CEC ACE, Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC and Dale Fowler CEC ACE. 


Here is some information on our ACF judges for today’s competition:

Alan Anderson CEC ACE – Alan is the executive chef at the Rogue Valley Manor.

At 16 Alan started in the restaurant business by washing dishes and doing prep work in the kitchen. He attended the culinary program at Diablo Valley College in San Francisco.  He worked in restaurants in Montana and California (including Clint Eastwood’s restaurant, “The Hogs Breath Inn”). But after some recreational visits to Oregon he felt compelled to move here to enjoy the rural nature and the gracious and friendly people. He worked at the Rogue Regency Inn before taking on the duties at the Rogue Valley Manor where he enjoys the opportunity to interact with the residents. Alan was named the chapter’s Chef of the Year in 1996.  He is married to Kelly and they are the proud parents of 3 girls and 1 grandson.

Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC - Jesse began his culinary career at the Jacksonville Inn. After 5 years there, he left to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, graduating with honors in 1983. He returned to the Rogue Valley to serve as a chef in some of the leading restaurants. He presently oversees his culinary business “B & B Chef’s Endeavors” offering consulting, culinary classes and educational seminars. The chapter honored him as Chef of the Year in 1990. Jesse was the first chef in the Rogue Valley to be inducted into the ACF honor society, “The American Academy of Chefs”. Jesse is married to Leslie and they enjoy scuba diving, swimming, sewing, traveling and walking their 3 dogs (Tucker the Golden Retriever, Angel and Buddy the Boston Terriers)!

Janet Crager CEC – Janet was the first woman in the Rogue Valley to become a Certified Executive Chef. She is presently the executive chef at Countryside Village in Grants Pass. Janet has been an important part of the ACF chapter serving as President, Secretary and presently Treasurer. She has been the chapter’s Chef of the Year and received the national Presidential Medallion in 2007. Janet has one daughter, a grandson and granddaughter. She and her best friend Dennis enjoy lots of fishing and camping. Her favorite foods are BBQ’s, steak and everything chocolate!

Dale Fowler CEC ACE – Dale was inspired to this profession by his father and brother. His father was a great chef and worked in many restaurants throughout the United States where Dale had the opportunity to experience many cuisines. He followed his dad to Medford where he worked for Nendels, Red Lion, Mark Anthony Hotel and the Holiday Inn. In 1998 he became the executive chef at the Rogue Regency where he is presently.  He took a break in 2005-2006 to teach culinary arts at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. Dale served as chapter President from 2003 through 2006. He was also named the chapter’s Chef of the Year in 2006. In 2008 Dale coached the chapter’s Junior Hot Food Team taking a silver medal. Dale is married to Connie and they have 3 sons.


Who’s competing today in the Chef Challenge!


Tom Bates CEC – Executive Chef at the Bella Union, Jacksonville, Oregon

Alexandra Hannah – Executive Chef at River’s Edge, Grants Pass, Oregon

Jeremy Nowak CEC – Executive Chef at Rogue Valley Manor, Medford, Oregon

Mike Oar – Sous Chef at the Rogue Regency Inn, Medford, Oregon

Marc Rosewood – Executive Chef at Pangea, Ashland, Oregon

Chad Smith – Executive Chef at Elements, Medford, Oregon

Chris Welcome – Executive Chef for Star Catering, Medford, Oregon

James Williams – Executive Chef at Omar’s, Ashland, Oregon


What criteria will be used to judge the contestants?

The following criteria will be used to score the chef’s work:


● Organization (sanitation and utilization of ingredients and use of allotted time)        10 points


● Cooking Skills and Culinary Techniques (creativity, skills, craftsmanship)                   10 points


● Taste (flavor, texture, compatibility, nutritional balance, presentation)                     20 points 



What is the format for the competition?

All 8 chefs compete in the first round.

The top 4 chefs (in points) from the first round will compete in the semi-final round.

Then the top 2 chefs (in points) from the semi-final round

will compete in the finals for the honor of being the

2008 ACF of Southern Oregon Chef Challenge winner!

                 Special Thanks to…

                  Boys & Girls Club of the Rogue Valley                

                           Food Services of America

                                Fresh Express