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December 2, 2013
Chef Collection

Chef Collection


They aren’t for sale yet, but I have thoughts about donating to a culinary school in later years. The first photo is of a curio cabinet which displays part of my collection. The next photo is a discussion my wife and I had on how to display the salt and pepper shakers. We decided they would make nice chest pieces however we are still 6 short (hint hint).

The Bossons are chalk pieces produced in England. I thought I had two but found out they were knock offs (made in china)! You need to look at them closely to see the difference. My wife (Leslie Bartyzal) and I were at an estate sale and found a box of authentic Bossons. I was willing to pay $100.00 for the chef but they weren’t going to break up the set of 20. I knew each one was worth at least $100.00 a piece. As the auction went on I was able to get the whole box for $100.00. Lucky day they didn’t know what they had!

The next photo is of a Session’s clock. We were strolling through a flea market and I spotted this clock, offered the vendor $5.00 and the clock is now mine. If you go on line they are hard to find at $200.00.

Poppin’ fresh Pillsbury doughboy was a gift from a friend; lots of my friends give me gifts of this nature. She told me it was a promotion in the 60’s and not many are around today. I haven’t found another in my searches. You put the lid on him or her? And it jumps out.

The Hummel “Baker” was another one from one of those browsing Goodwill days and there it was on a shelf for $ .50!  No question I added it to my collection.

The “master chef” is a Lladro. They made 6 different chef figurines.  I  am fortunate to have them all. It all started when my wife and I were walking by a jewelry store and she showed me a Lladro  figurine (her mistake). It took 5 years to complete my collection. The Master Chef came from London. I found a few others but they were crushed going through customs. I will share the rest of my collection in the coming issues of our news letter.

“Piggy Cook” was a Japanese toy made in occupied Japan. I won it in an auction in London England. When I did some research on it I found it had a brother called “Chef Cook”. They are battery operated, flip eggs and dance. They were also a promotion for General Mills. I found “Chef Cook” 2 years later in Spain. They both have their original boxes and the battery box is in perfect condition.

String holder “Chef” is my latest purchase. We watch the The Chew on TV and I saw they had string chefs as part of their props. At that point I started searching eBay and found a 1950 chalk string chef. The rest of the story is pretty apparent, I now own it.

In the coming additions of the newsletter I shall share more of my collection with you. Then next addition shall be American Academy Dinner Plates from around the United State of America, from Hawaii to Virginia.

Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

September 18, 2013
Alan Aderson AAC and Vegas

A.C.F.  National Conference 2013


Attending a national conference in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan is a great way to write a recipe for a fantastic culinary experience. To kick off the first day, attendees were presented with a lavish breakfast buffet of everything from cook-to-order egg dishes, fruits, salads and sushi to pastries and desserts.  For me, the highlights were Academy events that included a swearing-in at the fellows’ meeting and an induction dinner with a medal ceremony.  Both were humbling experiences. 

It was an honor to be accepted into the society alongside many influential, experienced and important members of the culinary community.  I want to give a very heart-felt thank you to all who have encouraged, inspired and helped me to become an American Academy of Chefs member.  This is the result of many career experiences and a dedication to the ACF and its principles. When I attended the two AAC ceremonies, an experience of emotions surrounded me through the examples of fine leadership, camaraderie and the spirit of giving to future culinarians. These AAC events made me think about career goals and how I can play a part in working towards the betterment of our craft.

While at the conference, I also had the unique opportunity of meeting visiting chefs from other countries and members of WACS. Also, there was a competition to determine who will represent the Americas at the WACS world congress in Norway this coming spring. All of the other competitions were also held in the trade show area, which meant I was able to attend the competitions and not miss any seminars. That was not an option at other conferences because the competitions were off-site.  In observing the competitors at work, I respect what each competitor was doing as a culmination of many, many long hours of practice and planning. This may be one of the most important events of their careers.  There are those times in our lives when “being there” is part of the experience, and this was one of those times. 

I think that my induction to AAC, meeting chefs of other countries, exchanges with peers and industry leaders, and the seminars I attended has inspired me to be a better chef, supervisor, mentor, father and husband. 


Alan Anderson  CEC, AAC, ACE

May 2, 2013

I'm writing to pass on my praise and compliments to the organizers and volunteers of this year's Smudge Pot Stroll.


This event was extremely well organized and executed. 


My friend attended last year's event and influenced me to attend this one. I gathered up six of us Ashlander's and we headed for Medford.


We were all totally impressed with Medford's revitalized downtown. Wow!


We visited all of the 17 establishments on the Stroll. Each and every one of those restaurants, taverns, bakeries, soup "kitchen", and delis were fantastic. Everyone put an enormous amount of effort with their pairings / samplings. 


I made it a point to give my feedback to staff at several establishments that without the Smudge Pot Stroll my friends and I would not have been aware of their business.  


Who would have known the best soups in the area is in the former Woolworth's building. Or a restaurant like Capers has such a fantastic dining area design. Micro beer across from the Craterian? Yes! 

Sure I already been to Sunrise Cafe, Howies, 4 Daughters, and Porters and love them all, but solely due to our fantastic experience with the Stroll we were exposed to wonderful new (to us) establishments which we all are planning on patronizing again and again.


We had an out of state visitor with us and she was totally amazed by downtown Medford. 


In sum, congratulations on an extremely well executed Smudge Pot Stroll. 

An event of this magnitude must have required hundreds of hours in planning and countless volunteers. Just wanted to write and say thank you for all your hard work. 


We'll be back in Medford countless times before next year's Smudge Pot Stroll, but you can count on us - bringing even more friends - to the 4th annual one in 2014.


This was an extremely valuable marketing/promotional event for the Medford restaurants and taverns!

May 2, 2013
Smudge Pot Stroll Results

THANK YOU for the best event ever! This year’s Smudge Pot Stroll was a success due to you and your participation. Hopefully you will see an article in the Mail Tribune this week.

So here are the results. I (Leslie) was up till 2am after the “stroll” compiling scores, etc. I want you to know that in the categories of taste and pairing only 5 points separated places 1 through 5. It was VERY close. It was evident that all of you stepped up to the plate and delivered that home run!

BEST TASTE: 3rd Place – Wamba Juice

                       2nd Place – Sunrise Café

                       1st Place – Howiees

BEST PAIRING: 3rd Place – Habaneros

                           2nd Place – Howiees

                           1st Place – Capers

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: 3rd Place tie – Havana Republic/Habaneros  

                          2nd – Howiees

                          1st – Capers


As I (Leslie) said it was close! Here were some comments from the judges & public that affected the scores by those .5 to 1 point: 1) needed more representation  from the establishment 2) use of pre-made products such as crackers 3) food getting a scab from sitting too long 4) lack of enthusiasm 5) crisp food getting soggy 6) making sure your pairing fits your food item & establishment 7) portion size (too large) .These are hopefully some comments that are meant to be positive to help you as you plan for next year’s event. We are assuming and WANT you to participate again next year.  WE definitely WANT YOU!

I talked with so many strollers Friday night and they were having such a great time visiting downtown eateries and said they were marking their calendars for next year! They truly loved all you gave them to eat & drink. Many commented that they did not know there were so many fun and yummy places to eat in the core of Medford!  This is certainly the “Foodie” event in Medford and it is because of YOU! We hope you feel the same.

Thanks again Jesse & Leslie Bartyzal               

March 5, 2013
Stroll 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Smudge Pot Stroll


Mission Statement: Pear-a-Fare events celebrate the unique flavors of the Rogue Valley; recognize our outstanding chefs and artisan food, and support education and training to continue our tradition of excellence in the vineyards, orchards, and kitchens of the Rogue Valley.



In late 2008 a group of dedicated volunteers formed a committee to explore the possibility of adding a food and wine element to the annual Pear Blossom Festival Celebration.  The first Pear a Fare was hosted the following spring in down town Medford.


With a vision for the future, the committee’s goal to carefully develop the combined, yet separate event concepts took a step forward during the preparations for the 2010 festivities.  As a continued tradition of forward thinking, while working closely with the Pear Blossom Festival Assoc, Pear Blossom Run and the Heart of Medford Assoc the 2013 celebration will again include an element for the “foodie” palette.


The Pear a Fare is an annual ‘foodie’ event, where local artisan food, wine, hand crafted brews; music and fun are offered on Pear Blossom Festival weekend. This tented event is held in the historic down town core and attended by surrounding community populations as well as contestants of the Pear Blossom Run. 


The Smudge Pot Stroll was added in 2011 and will again be part of this year’s festival calendar. This evening event provides the community with an opportunity to enjoy the culinary genius of our local food and beverage establishments.


The Smudge Pot Stroll is scheduled for Friday, April 12th from 5-9 PM.  The event will be limited to a total of three hundred fifty patrons who will walk through Medford’s “six by six”, dining district to partake from participating eateries. These patrons will be encouraged to cast a vote for the best overall preparations and pairings which will be know as the Strollers Choice Award.


Any licensed restaurant or mobile kitchen (Hawkers) operating within Medford city limits may compete for the Strollers Choice Award.  

The Strollers Choice Award will be announced after the Pear Blossom Festival parade on Saturday April 13th under the Pear a Fare Tent which will be located on Main Street between Riverside and Bartlett.


The funds generated from the Smudge Pot Stroll and the Pear-a-Fare tent provides scholarships to local schools and individuals that wish to further their education or training.

October 1, 2012
Thanks Chefs

To the Chefs and Participating Establishments:


The American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon and the Pear Blossom Festival Association would like to congratulate all those who participated in the Taste of Harry & David culinary events. We know it takes a lot to step forward as you did for this event.

You could see the heart and soul each competitor put into their dishes. The public gobbled up the intense energy which was on the stage. This made it possible for us to raise over 1500.00 dollars. How great for our first attempt. I see great things in the future for this event and the recipients of the scholarship money.

In the coming months we will be giving scholarships to the following charities: Sparrows, Hearts with a Mission & Maslow Project. These donations come from the support of those involved in the event at the Taste of Harry & David. These include Jeff Meier from Harry & David, Capers, Elements, Martino’s & Macaroni, Havana Republic, Rocky Tonk, Scott Spicer and Black Sheep Restaurant.

We hope you had as much fun as we did and will participate next year. We did so well there is little room for improvement. But… if you do have any suggestions chefs please let us know.

We have posted pictures of the event on check us out and once again thank you.

Thank You,

Pear Blossom Festivals Association

American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon


Culinary Achievement through Passion Skill and Knowledge

October 1, 2012
Harry and David

A huge thank you to all of those that participated in the Taste of Harry & David, and our Pear Blossom Festival and American Culinary Federation

“Chopped Challenge” event and our silent auction food tables and the raffle.

A huge thank you to those that donated items for our raffle, we raised over $1500 for the entire event and those proceeds will go right back out

Into our community to the Sparrow Club, Maslow Project, Hearts with a Mission, and scholarships thru the Pear Blossom and the ACF.

We truly appreciate your generosity and support and for sharing our vision and supporting our community.

Another huge thank you to our volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for the countless hours, the hours of standing, washing dishes, waiting around, dumping garbage, and sampling wine and food! We will “ink” you up for our volunteer list next year!

A special thank you to the ACF Judges of the event, who truly took one for the team and sampled dishes prepared with wasabi peas, licorice, moose munch, pepper relish!! (sometimes all in the same dish!) We also want to thank another member of the ACF, our emcee, Patti, for coming down from Portland to announce, educate, get the crowd involved, and keep the party going!

Thank you to our raffle ticket girls, who proved that with a smile and a little flirting, we can get men to let loose of $5!! Those $5 added up to over

$1000 from the raffle alone!! That’s a lot of smiles, flirting, and great personalities that helped bring those dollars in!

A very special thank you to Jeff Meier and his crew at the store, who treated us like we were family and worked so hard to make the event a success.

Jeff, thank you for including Pear Blossom and the ACF in your event, to help bring our names and events to a higher level, and educate the community on the ways that we give back to thank them for supporting us.

And a very big thank you to the 8 restaurants that not only prepared tasty samples of items from the store to serve, but also for participating in our very first “chopped” challenge event!! What a great time we had watching these chefs turn ordinary and “out of the ordinary” (wasabi peas???) food items into a culinary delight!

Please forward this email to anyone involved that is not included in address line above, as I did not have everyone’s email address and do not want to leave them out!

We will look forward to everyone’s participation next year, if you missed out this year, you will definitely want to attend next year!

Thank you again to all involved, let’s shoot for $5000 next year!!!

Darcey Mann-Self

Pear Blossom Festival


March 17, 2012
Alan's Presidential Medallion letter of nomination

Hi David,

On behalf of the ACF of Southern Oregon chapter I would like to nominate Chef Alan Anderson (member # 032676)for a Presidential Medallion.

I have attached his current resume.

But the resume doesn’t begin to tell the accomplishments of Alan professionally, personally or his commitment to the ACF and most importantly to the chapter and his community.

As you can see Alan is a longtime member of the ACF and our chapter.

He was awarded the Chapter Chef of the Year award in 1995 but since that time has continued to accelerate his commitment to the chapter in many ways which I will share here:

● Alan has been the lead chef for 4 of the Rogue Valley Symphony dinners, bringing revenue to the chapter and recognition for the local ACF chefs.

● Alan participated in Ice Carving expos that represented the ACF chapter and chefs.

● Alan was on the committee and a judge for the local Iron Chef competition which raised over $250,000 00 for the Rogue Valley Boys & Girls Club ● Alan serves as a mentor and Advisory Board chairman for the North Medford High School Culinary program.

● Alan has served our ACF chapter in many capacities as Chapter President; Vice President; Secretary; Educational Chair; Chef & Child Chair.

● Alan took the long road to become an ACE for the ACF. He took his CEC Practical test, after being a CEC for several years to better understand

the test and skills involved. He traveled over 2000 miles to shadow the practical tests in Coos Bay, Portland and Vancouver WA in order to gain

his ACE. He has taken his personal time to be involved with certification since.

● In September he competed in one of the most prestigious culinary events in the Rogue Valley, The World of Wines. Alan took the First Place

Trophy! He was the only ACF chef in the competition and competed against a chef who had won 3 “Best Chef in Oregon” competitions and said

Alan didn’t stand a chance against him or the other chefs who were much younger. The best thing was not only did Alan win but he was the

only chef dressed in his white CEC jacket and togue. He certainly looked and cooked as an ACF chef and professional! That is Chef Alan!

● I saved this accomplishment of Alan’s for the last because of its importance. In Medford OR we have a “Children’s Advocacy Center” which sees and helps over 400 abused children yearly! They do wonderful things for the children who are in need. They are also a nonprofit organization and depend on donated funds. Our chapter for 13 years presented a “Beary Beary Brunch” to raise money for this organization. For 9 of those 13 years, it was Chef Alan who hosted this event at his establishment. His employer would only allow this if Alan agreed to take on much of the work himself on his own time. How can’t tell you how many personal hours this took.

We had over 500 people attend this brunch! You can’t imagine how much effort it took on Alan’s part. This event would not have happened if it not for him and his commitment. And because of this over $300,000.00 was raised! Wow how incredible! A lot of children owe much to Alan.

I also want to say that Alan is the best example of a husband and father. Alan is a good member of society. He is an excellent chef. Our chapter and the chefs in our chapter and the chefs who work along side of Alan are better for knowing him. He has been a mentor for many young culinarians in our valley and they are grateful as is our chapter.

Alan deserves a Presidential Medallion and all of us in our chapter are hoping he receives it.

Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE ACC

Culinary Achievement through Passion, Knowledge and Skill

October 4, 2011
Pear A Fare


Rogue Valley’s

Pear Blossom Festival



Fourth Annual

Pear a Fare


A signature culinary event to promote the agri-tourism industry of the Rogue Valley, featuring food, wines and brews.


Every year, on the second weekend of April, the sidewalks of downtown Medford are filled with locals as well as visitors who have been drawn to the area to help us welcome the annual spring bloom.  The Pear Blossom Festival has become more than a parade, more than a street fair and more than a 10K run.


Five years ago a dedicated group of volunteers envisioned adding a premier food and wine tasting event to the Festival’s annual schedule. With careful fore sight this small committee began planning the first Pear a Fare Celebration held in 2009      


The Pear a Fare Celebration focuses on food and wine tasting events offered during the Pear Blossom Festival; adding a new or improved element each year.  We have expanded the original concept into three distinctly different ideals and have enjoyed success from the beginning. The Dare to Pear Challenge, the Pear a Fare and the Smudge Pot Stroll have been specifically designed to develop public awareness of our outstanding local food and wine producers. 


First:  (March 23rd through April 15th 2012)

Three weeks prior to Festival weekend, downtown restaurants rigorously compete in the Dare to Pear Challenge judged by the public as well as the ACF accredited jury. Please note, this event is an established tradition…the eateries really try to win this award! We have carefully created this event to push the consumer to our downtown district to participate in the public vote while allowing the eateries to compete with little or no inconvenience since the challenge is judged in house and the ACF judge’s moves from location to location.


The criteria for participation in the culinary challenge is subject to paring a local wine or brew with a pear menu item to promote the versatility and creativity of our local professional experts as well as the historic and commercial significance of our pear industry.



Second   (April 13th and 14th 2012)

The Pear a Fare is a successful, downtown, two day (Friday evening and Saturday all day), tented event which creates a venue for wineries and artisan food producers to ‘peddle’ their local, sustainable and most often organic product to the public.  Admittance is ‘free’. Tasting requires a glass with ticket purchase so that vendors are reimbursed for samples provided.  


The Tented Venue is open to the public at 5pm on Friday and traditionally identified as an alternative “Happy Hour” for downtown merchants and service providers.


Third (April 13th 2012)


The Smudge Pot Stroll is just plain fun!  The concept was introduced in 2011 and generated exactly what was hoped for.  The goal was to fill the sidewalks with patrons moving from one participating eatery to the next.  The restaurants were thrilled with the exposure and the patrons had a blast!  The blinking wine glasses were a hit and those who had them were like a “fraternity of foodies”.  The desire to show case our downtown dining district, the incredible variety,exceeded even our expectations.


Best of all….


All three events have been developed, managed and operated by an all volunteer team.  As a collective we have been able to generate excitement, diversity and funding.  The original Pear a Fare committee commitment to provide academic and culinary scholarship funding for local students has been astounding.  The partnerships with our sponsors and the community at large have established a tradition of ‘giving back’.  All proceeds from these combined events fund higher education goals that may not have been afforded otherwise.


The Future


As the Pear a Fare continues to grow and expand there has been a concentrated effort to gain regional recognition drawing patrons from the entire Pacific Northwest to the Rogue Valley.  Our ultimate goal is to be noted nationally so we have initiated marketing efforts regionally and beyond. (isn’t the web a wonderful tool)


The Pear a Fare, Dare to Pear Challenge and Smudge Pot Stroll will be featured in the Pacific Northwest Travel Magazine 2011 winter issue. 


Our Web site is still in process and always will be (it’s the nature of the beast). Please take a look @


We Facebook and Twitter because we recognize technology as an instrument of success that can be used to our advantage. 


Over All


As volunteers, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our combined energy, creativity and resourcefulness. With five years under our feet we feel that these events are worthwhile and “do good works”.  We are humbly grateful for the support we have bred into our community, professions and friends.  It takes a whole group of like minded people to pull something like this forward and we hope that you will consider your invitation to participate with fore sight and generosity.





















April 11, 2011
March April Activities

April Newsletter Article

By Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC and Leslie Bartyzal  CSCE


We have been out and about and have lots to talk about. WOW! It started with the 4-H cooking competition, then the Dare to Pear Challenge, then the Northwest Foodservice Trade Show in Portland, then the Medford Smudge Pot Stroll and then the Pear-A Fare tent! We have been just a little busy. On May 9th we have an ACF Certification Practical test the day after Mothers Day. Yeah!

We are hoping we added to our chapter’s scholarship fund through our participation with the Pear Blossom Festival committee. This would give us more revenue to help out our local 4-H food competitors. We have been working with them for about 3 years now. There are over 32 young people that are involved from about age 8 through 18. They cook and prepare all types of food and my wife and I critique their final products and creations. It is a great experience for us and their families.

This is our 3rd year working with the committee and we nailed it this year. We started with the Dare to Pear Challenge and finished with the Pear- a- Fare tent where we worked with 25 wine and artesian food venders. The money raised went to the ACFSO scholarship fund and the Pear –a Fare educational fund. We had 1500 people on Friday night (April 8th) and 4500 on Saturday (April 9th).

We stepped up the Dare to Pear challenge with a beverage, dessert, casual and upscale categories. The winner for the upscale was Elements Restaurant; check out the photos on our web site. There was a wonderful pear martini at 4 Daughters Eatery and Porters restaurant had the dessert was to die for. We were in shock when Shenanigan’s served us a hamburger with a pear pickle and blue cheese but it worked great! Great job to all who participated and fed us VERY well!

The newest event was the “Smudge Pot Stroll” that happened on Friday, April 8th. Seventeen core downtown restaurants were involved and we were able to get Dining out Northwest (FSA) to gift each restaurant $200.00 (THANK YOU). We sold over 250 tickets at $25.00 a piece. The establishments were amazed at how many new clients they were able to greet. This event was a win win for all of us.

That is all for now except for a BIG congratulations to our Chapter President Janet Crager CEC who was accepted into the American Academy of Chefs and will be inducted in Dallas in July at the ACF National convention. This was an honor well deserved!


Jesse & Leslie

January 2, 2011
Southwestern Oregon Community College FOUNDATION


Oregon Community College








November 24, 2010


American Culinary Federation

41 Ross Ct.

Medford, OR 97501-2645


Dear American Culinary Federation


Thank you for supporting students this year at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Your scholarship donation on behalf of Alex Jameson in the amount of $400 on June 7, 2010/2011 academic year is deeply appreciated.


The Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank your organization for its commitment to students. Without organizations such as yours Students would have heavy financial burdens to face. Your assistance allows them to focus on their education and for that we are grateful.


Thank you again for your support of students at Southwestern.




Karen Pringle

Foundation Executive Director

Southwestern Oregon Community College



September 9, 2010
Dare to Pair Proposal

Proposed Extension

of the

Pear Blossom Festivals

Pear a Fare





To create an additional opportunity for  the consumer to progressively enjoy the ‘fare’ of the downtown eateries who have competed in the Dare to Pear Challenge. This component is to be extended on the opening night of the Pear a Fare.


Three weeks prior to the Festival weekend, downtown restaurants are scheduled to compete in a Dare to Pear Challenge judged by the public as well as the ACF Team. Please note, this event is an established tradition…the eateries really try to win this)   


The Pear a Fare is an established, two day, tented event which creates a venue for wineries and artisan food producers to ‘peddle’ their product to the public. The consumer purchases a glass and tickets for tastes.  The vendor is reimbursed at the end of the event.


We would like to propose that the Downtown Stroll is offered to the consumer as an alternative by purchasing a glass for $XX (TBD) which entitles them to samplings from our Challenge participants as well as additional “Hawkers” to be located within walking distance of the tented venue and up and down the sidewalks of downtown.


Vogal Plaza (city central) would be the location for an Ice Carving Competition on Friday with the winner announced at the Pear a Fare location on opening night.


Culinary Students from local programs will be used to “man” the stations being provided by our Dare to Pear participants.  “Hawkers” will not required extra hands.  They are self sufficient. 


Wineries will provide the OLCC licensed employee for each of the “Stroll” locations.


We would like to propose that FSA underwrite some of the food cost that the Restaurants will develop for this portion of the event.  Also, since we’re asking we may as well as big…. A general sponsorship of $2500 will include your identity/brand in all multi-media advertising as well as banner recognition at the Pear a Fare Venue.



September 6, 2010
Harry & David Chef Challenge

The Taste of Harry & David Chef Challenge 2010


Another successful event comes to a close. We were invited to judge The Taste of Harry & David Chef Challenge. Jeff Meier heard there was aa ACF ACE team in Medford and asked if we would be interested in judging the event using ACF guidelines. The goal is to do an event next year where the chefs get 30 minutes to shop at the Harry and David store and then produce 4 plates of food in 30 minutes.


The ACF chef panel included: Leslie Bartyzal CSCE (Retired) Administrator, Janet Crager CEC Judge, Dale Fowler CEC ACE Judge, Alan Anderson CEC ACE Judge and Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC Judge. There were seven restaurants participating they were: Elements Tapas Bar (Black Beluga Caviar Lentils); 4-Daughter’s Irish Pub (Sweet Avocado Stuffed Mushrooms); Tease ( Lebanese Moussaka); Blondie’s Bistro (Thai Quinoa & Basmati Rice Salad); Oregon Artisan Foods (Sunstone Peachy Oregonzola Bruschetta); Black Sheep (Banger and Lentil Stew with Cherry Apple Chutney); and the Arbor House ( Sweet & Spicy Cheese Spread w/ Chili Shrimp). All these establishments had to pick a wine from a hat and then create a dish that would pair with the wine. They were also asked to use as many ingredients featured in the Harry & David retail store as possible in their dish. Congratulations to them all for efforts.


Harry and David sold tickets at the door for $15.00 or $10.00 if you brought in 10 canned items that would be donated to Access to  help those in need. I am told there were 2000 in attendance last year and they had an increase of 23 percent this year. The economy kept people close to home this Labor Day weekend!


Well on to the announcement of the winner! 2008 was won by 4Daughters; 2009 by Elements and the 2010 ACF judged winner was Tease Restaurant of Ashland.  The People’s Choice winner was 4Daughters. Congratulations to both of you. Tease gets to keep the trophy until next year. This is the third year this event has been held on Labor Day weekend to promote the Access Food Drive. What a great community we have in the Rogue Valley.


Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC


Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge & Skill

May 6, 2010
Merrie Gaye

Our Chapter’s

Newest Member!





Our chapter has a new member and we are so LUCKY!

She is Merrie Gaye, proprietor of the “Grape Steet Gardens” in Medford, Oregon.

Merrie has an extensive background in the Foodservice industry so she brings lots of experience to our chapter as well as NEW ideas and LOTS of energy.

She is an active member of the community serving on many committees, one of which is the Pear Blossom Festival.


Thanks Merrie and welcome!

March 3, 2010
Chef and Child Green Eggs and Ham



The Culinary Arts classes at South Medford HS welcomed over 125 1st and 2nd graders from Washington Elementary school to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by cooking up some “Green Eggs & Ham” burritos! After serving up the good food all enjoyed reading a favorite Dr. Seuss book.

This event has become a tradition between Washington Elem and South High. It began over 16 years ago. It serves as a wonderful experience for both the young students and the high school student chefs.

Thanks to the American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon chapter for funding this cooking experience. Without their financial support this event would not be possible.