Presidents Message 2013 December-2-2013

President’s Message

December 2013

The chapter is weak but still breathing; hopefully we will make it another year.

We just finished an event in Bend Oregon. Five members went for their ACF certification. Our chapter was represented by Patti Curfmann CEC CEPC ACE AAC. We were able due to her efforts; raise $200.00 for our chapter. Patti said she would submit an article detailing the practical test.

Patti also made us aware of the ACF Junior Competition to be held in Bend this December. Our chapter agreed to help the Bend committee with funds from our Julie Tummers’ Educational Fund. We sent $400.00 to assist them with the expenses that occur at these regional events (travel-lodging-meals-medals, etc.)

The Smudge Pot Stroll committee is now meeting monthly at Capers Restaurant. I shall post updates about the event as we progress. We were able to grant funds from our Kathy Knapp Chef and Child Fund and our Julie Tummers’ Education Fund from the money the chapter earned from the stroll. Those receiving benefits from our efforts last year were 4-H, North & South High Culinary Teams, North & South HS Bands, Medford Sparrow Club, and the Bend ACF Junior Regional Culinary Competition. Erol Kanmaz and his culinary students have already made a commitment to help with the event, hope to see others there also.

For those who don’t know I have been an avid collector of chef memorabilia for over 40 years and have over 400 different pieces in my collection. So I have decided to share these over the next issues of our newsletter.  I have over 60 “chef” salt & pepper shakers, the complete “Lladro” chef statues, Bosson’s chalk chefs, occupied Japan mechanical toy chefs , 1930 chef string dispenser, fourteen AAC chef plates as well as others. They all come with a story and journey. I plan on sharing photos of the items and how they were acquired. My journey takes me to England-China-New York and more.

Hope all are doing well and are in good health.

My best “Holiday Wishes” to you and your families as well.

President Jesse Bartyzal CEC ACE AAC

Culinary Achievement through Passion Knowledge and Skill


ACF of Southern Oregon

American Culinary Federation of Southern Oregon


December 2013






This is part of my personnel chefs collection

this is a limited addition Lladro Master Chef

I shall write a paragraph about each piece